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7 years in the making...

All the way from Atlanta, BluBoy discusses his experience on The Hype show by HBO Max, the meaning behind his Sprite partnership, and his hand-sewn collection releases.

Discover what inspires his design philosophy, influences and the history behind his famous "Art is War" mission.

The future of fashion: streetwear x blockchain

The world of fashion and streetwear has been fallen in a cycle of stalling until the next recycled trend.

Innovation in the industry has hit a ceiling limited by the chains of reality. Fabrication, machinery, and production haven't

Blockchain, crypto, and NFTs offer a paradigm shit opportunity for the fashion industry. The ability to support upcoming brands, share upside, and community-powered progress establishes a new generation.

In the world of NFTs, what is streetwear without physical "streets"? BluWorld bridges a legacy of cut and sew pieces and brings them into the digital space to be appreciated in a new light.